Saturday, December 30, 2006

Logo showgo #5: 7/10

A colourless logo for a company that's all about colour. Great idea.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Logo showgo #4: 5/10

There's something clumsy about this logo. And something nice. It could have been so much nicer. When you have a product like the Burn Foundation, there's so much more you can do.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Blog of mouth

Blogs feed off one and other. Here are some ways to make your blog more widely read:

1. Take on a big name.
2. Take pot shots at big media.
3. Scratch a big blogger's back.
4. Keep scratching a big blogger's back.
5. Link. Link. Link.
6. Go blocal. (That's blog+local)

Speaking of point number 6, is that why this list of marketing and related blogs put out by The Godin has no blogs from one of the two biggest markets in the world? What gives? I guess a marketing blog from India just cannot make much sense to the people who gave the world Marketing. Sorry.

The funny side of advertising. Sad.

People in advertising

Monday, December 25, 2006

Cases in point #7: Tirupathi hair salon

The practice of Hindu pilgrims shaving their heads has created a £3.7m business for temple that sells tons of hair to Westerners. Now this is what you call an interesting business model and a wonderful brand extension of the Über brand that is religion. To cut a short story long, dissect.

Things we buy #10: Christmas card

Now what kind of person would buy a card like this? This Christmas card, dated 1895, might be the oddest ever.

Cases in point #6: James Brown

It's no fun doing boring case studies. Duh! What's the point in stating the obvious? Fine. Here's a case study that's not so obvious. James Brown was/will remain one of the biggest brands in Soul. Apart from the fact that like all good brands the man had a whole lotta soul, what else made him such a big brand? James Brown is dead. Long will live James Brown. But whyyy? Timing. Colour. Smarts. Formula. Hmm? Did I just say colour? That's right.

Kid rocks

Just a reminder that if you want to be in advertising, you must never forget the child in you. Just don't let him/her control you. (Just a reminder.)

Deja boo!

The problem with movies like Deja vu is what makes for successful advertising. Given a choice, movies like this will always plump for the safer option. It's what makes them successful. If and when you watch Deja vu, think about the way it ends - happily. It'll teach you a lot about what advertising looks for.

Note how the 'mainstream-ness' of the movie also reflects in the 'standard issue' style of the poster.